Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Does the city engineer know about this?

Och! Went to the council meeting this morning to support the appointment of a new library board member and learned a valuable, unrelated lesson. Today’s lesson was: City Hall is inhabited by men who do not lock the CO-ED (may I put exclamation points here or later?) bathrooms. I discovered this little fact after starting to innocently make my way into the UNLOCKED CO-ED bathroom on the fourth floor outside the pre-council room. I almost ran into a gentleman making an exit from said bathroom into which I was making my way. When he saw that it was little ol’ me (a girl), he put his hands on my shoulders and backed me out, saying, “There’s someone in there.” I replied, “Well, yes, but isn’t this the bathroom, and isn’t there a lock for when someone’s inside?” “Why, yes, but he didn’t lock it” (“he” meaning that there was a man in the bathroom at that moment using the facility, I’m assuming the urinals, and “he” didn’t lock the exterior door). I thanked him for saving me from such a terrible embarrassment and kept backing away. You see, I was there for the council meeting, but I was not interested in seeing a councilmember.

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