Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Pirate's Life

"Eric's parents are coming for a visit this weekend," is what I told Memphis and Jace after I had finished up reading a Greek myth to them.  Jace eyed me suspiciously.

"Have you met them?" he asked.

"Yes.  Several times." I answered.

"What are their names?" Memphis queried.

"Are they any fun?" Jace interjected before I could answer Memphis' question.  He was still looking skeptically at me, as if we, by allowing Eric's parents to come and visit, were about to introduce an adult criminal element into our neighborhood that would completely suck the fun right out of a perfectly good weekend.

"Their names are Lauri & George, and yes, they are fun.  They like to hike and sail.  They have a sail boat that they take out for days at a time.  They sleep on the boat."

Mouths dropped open at this last statement.

Jace:  "Have you and Eric ever gone sailing with them?"

Me:  "We have, yes."

Memphis:  "Who drove the boat?"

Me:  "Sometimes George, sometimes Lauri, sometimes Eric...and George and Lauri would tell us to do things with the sails while we were sailing, so...we were like a pirate crew working together."

They probably now have visions of Eric's parents looking like Anne Bonny and Captain Jack Sparrow...


lauri said...

Packin' me eye patch, matey.

lauri said...
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La_Petit_Rouge said...

It is a lot of pressure, isn't it?

George said...

Arrrrrrrrgh! Shiver me timbers, we had a fine time with ye swabbies!