Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Home is wherever I'm with you...

Embroidery sampler gift, made by Bridget Page.

On November 1, 2014, All Saints’ Day, Eric and I exchanged vows at the Gadsden Museum of Art with most of our family and our closest friends in attendance.  The ceremony was epically and blessedly short (five minutes), and was hilariously cheered on midway through with a cry of “YAY” from the smallest of our guests (Anna Kate evidently cheers after the “amen” part of prayer when she prays, which may be both the most impossibly adorable thing I’ve ever heard of AND most sensible.  I may drop the “amen” and adopt the “YAY” for myself in future praying), and a standing ovation (what awesomeness!).   This five-minute ceremony left us plenty of time to eat, talk with guests, and dance with a handful of the most hard-partying youngsters, most of whom were under the age of ten.   Our wedding week was filled with cooking and communing (we opted to cater our own gluten free non-rehearsal dinner on Friday evening and the wedding reception on Saturday…could not have done this without the expert advice and assistance of our dear friends Todd and Dawn Rains, who cater professionally).  It was magical!

And although brother and sister-in-law McKenna and Steven jokingly claimed that our wedding would be covered by the Gadsden Times, friend and columnist Glenda Byars did give us a nod in her weekly column:  "And on a crisp autumn Saturday, Carol York and Eric Wright were married in a unique and precious ceremony. The bride was beautiful in antique white and the groom was appropriately handsome and smiling. Carol said later, 'The saying is correct, Eric: Home is wherever I am with you!'"

Photo used with permission, copyright Elisha Page.

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Ahhhh the post I have been waiting for! Love this recap!