Friday, October 14, 2016

Boy On the Bus

I’ve mentioned a boy from my childhood, Jeff Partee, briefly before in my blog entitled We’re Too Busy Singing to Put Anybody Down, describing him as a “usually-good-natured-but-potentially-volatile-bus-ruffian” who rode vehicle number 77-46 with my sister and me during the late 70s.  He was a super sharp guy who was wickedly funny, but quick to bow up on someone should someone need to be bowed up upon.  

There was only one of Jeff Partee, but Ty, our bus driver, always pluralized him by calling him Partees.  She’d yell out, “Partees!  Sit down!”  “Partees!  I done told you once, don’t make me tell you again!”  “ Partees!  Don’t make me stop this bus!”

She was right by calling him Partees.  He caused more shenanigans than one boy alone could.