Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm a man of means by no means...

After seeing that I was listening to Boxcar Willie, a dear friend of mine (and not surprisingly in this town, a relative of sorts) completely knocked the wind out of me the other day by revealing that there was an individual out there named David Icke who claimed that Boxcar Willie was a satanist and a pedophile. Said friend and relative-of-sorts sent me the link to Mr. Icke's website entitled LIST OF FAMOUS SATANISTS, PEDOPHILES, AND MIND CONTROLLERS so that I could see for myself the libel being spoken about my beloved Boxcar.


Well I'll be...what an enlightening site. I'm not sure what tipped me off to the fact that Mr. Icke is a bed-wetting nut-case...perhaps it was his liberal labeling of individuals with the term "reptilian shape-shifter." I don't know about you, but I think long and hard before using that kind of character-defaming language (and I’m not taking back “bed-wetting nut-case”). To accuse someone like Boxcar Willie (paragon bard of truckers world-wide and beloved eco-father for his recycling of old stogies that he has found, short, but not too big around), of being a satanist and a pedophile is just flat-out wrong to me. Nowhere can I find evidence pointing to this statement being true (and yes, I’ve done some research). I suggest to Mr. Icke that he adjust his medications and get some bed-rest (he may want to change his urine-soaked sheets first). Otherwise, I may have to hunt him down and make an introduction of my foot to his ass (as Red Foreman would say).
I’m quite put off now…

Follow-up from the same day, entitled:  And another thing about Boxcar...

I suppose that if Mr. Icke wanted to find some sort of pedophilic meaning in Boxcar’s work, the following stanza from King of the Road could provide just the fodder he might need in order to alert child services:

I know every engineer on every train
All of their children, and all of their names
And every handout in every town
And every lock that ain't locked
When no one's around.

Did Mr. Icke believe that Boxcar was suggesting that he knew “every engineer on every train, all of their children and all of their names” in an inappropriate way (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)? And after discovering that Boxcar knew (possibly inappropriately) “every engineer on every train, all of their children and all of their names,” was the line “and every lock that ain’t locked when no one’s around”...could those lines be the the straw that broke the camel’s back and drove him to sling such terms as “Satanist” and “Pedophile” at Boxcar (I’ve yet to find a stanza from any of Boxcar’s songs that would indicate Satanic worship)? For heaven's sake, the man was just looking for a free room!  I suppose that in Mr. Icke’s eyes, being on friendly terms with the offspring of the engineers who worked in the train stations where he swept up to make the four-bit necessary to rent the eight by twelve room he needed in order to have a place to rest his head after a long day of smokin’ and broom pushin’ was not acceptable behavior for a man of the janitorial arts. Maybe so. But judge not Mr. Icke, lest ye be judged.

Personally, I think Mr. Icke works for the union and he was more upset over the line, “I don't pay no union dues” than anything else. Well, I’ve got your union dues right here, Mr. Icke!

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fleegan said...

that is, by far, the worst list of satanic, mind-controlling, shape-shifters i've ever read. and i love how he he includes Princess Anne even though she was "never seen to shape-shift." no one ever talks about Princess Anne.

Ian Roy Millington said...

When i came across it, i too was puzzled.
and where was there any source for such a claim, Nowhere it seems.
In the Uk there appears to be a batch of strung-out feather-brains, Sports Related Geeks: David Icke, Glenn Hoddle.
Unless they have Divine Inspiration, they Need Much Salvation from the Divine.