Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Captain Picard, what have you done with my mother?

Mom had eye surgery today, of the cataract kind. She may win the shortest surgery contest for my family (every single one of them, yours truly exclude, have had some very major, very long surgeries in the last fifteen years). The prize for making it through so beautifully was a trip to Cothran’s Bakery. Several dozen doughnut holes, a number of regular glazed, one tiger tail and one custard-filled, chocolate covered ├ęclair later (can you guess which one was mine?), mom was banished to the rocker on the back porch (she didn’t eat all of the doughnuts herself, dad helped). The effects of the “relaxing drug” were like marijuana: she kept tipping over, was a bit loopy and she had the munchies real bad. She needed to stay seated in one place, and stay there quietly. After a half hour, she came and found me and asked me to take the eye patch off, which I did only because Dr. Judge said she could have it off when the feeling started to come back. After many loud “ouches” on her part (scared the dickens out of me), she was in awe at how greatly improved her vision was so quickly after the surgery. I watched her as she faced the window and exclaimed at all she could see…

“Is she just getting a third one put in? Back of the head kinda thing?” a friend of mine queried a couple of days ago, after I had mentioned the eye surgery. Oh no, she already has a third eye in the back of her head that works just fine, as I found when a child…

Sorry about the picture mom! And about the pot reference!

My class is killing me. Thank goodness it's only for the month of May.

Reading: YA literature
Listening to: Ethan and the Ewox (They rocked in Anniston Saturday night).

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fleegan said...

wait, YA "literature"? is this code for Meg Cabot books? is that what you're really reading?!
for shame.