Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Paper, Print & Poetry Exhibit: Adult Entries Part I

On Friday, March 23, we hosted our final GPL Book Arts Project program, the Paper, Print & Poetry (P3) Exhibition.  The purpose of this exhibition was to give our participants an opportunity to present their work as artists, and to give our community an opportunity to see work that was generated during this series.  My PSA went something like this:
Browse through the unique art that was created during the GPL Book Arts Project!  From folded-page recycled book art to original poetry written on handmade paper…From macabre fractured fairy tales to elaborate handmade journals…Celebrate and appreciate the art of the book!

As part of the exhibition, we created a make-and-take table where people could sit down and design their own concertina books out of folded and cut card stock, pre-painted mini paintings, and words & pictures from discarded World Books.  It was a direct result of this table that we ran over our scheduled time by at least an hour…I almost had to start flipping the lights and making a last call!

Here are photos of half of the adult entries.  I’ll post the other half soon.  And then I’ll post the teen entries.

Stacey Stepleton
A Thousand Little Houses
Altered book, folded page art, mixed media.  Altered edition of W.H. Auden’s About the House, with stickers, dried flowers, beads and tempura paint.  Cover is embellished with stickers and a punched-copper rendering of a house.

Tiffany Carlson & Cary Long
Happily Ever After
Altered book, mixed media.  Roget’s International Thesaurus opened to the section on the word love; embellished with a Whitman quote, several significant numbers, a framed engagement photograph, feathers, a paper flower and decorative knobs.  Hanger is made from copper wire, with two copper love-birds.

Brandy Hyatt
Enforced Entry
Altered book, mixed media.  Embellished with metal pieces, rice paper, bottle opener, razor blade, pocket knife, mini saw blade, chains, paint, electrical plug cover, washers, bolts.

Kathy Russell
Elements of Legal Research 
Altered book, folded page art.

Carol Roark York
Beauty Is Pain
Mixed media, miniature.  Boards of book were created out of a recycled Avon eyeshadow container, embellished with repurposed upholstery tacks.  Text block is composed of two concertinas made from handmade paper and feature words that describe common historical and modern beauty practices.


Nicole Papa
Fun Day
Altered book, mixed media.  Folded page art, with mixed media.  Embellished with crayons, magnetic alphabet letters, ants (from Milton Bradley Ants in the Pants game), and assorted colorful bugs.

More to come...