Thursday, March 29, 2012

Paper, Print & Poetry Exhibit: Adult Entries Part Deux

Here are photos of the rest of the adult entries. 

Brandy Hyatt
All I Wanted Was a Friend
Altered book, mixed media.  Open book that has been excavated to reveal a pond, filled with epoxy water.  Scene was created with acrylic paint, modeling rocks, modeling paste, recycled green purse (cut), washer, push pins, and golden ball.  Inspired by Grimm’s The Frog Prince.

Charles Centerfit Hart
Stalking Ghosts, An Exercise
Journal from a church retreat.  Paper is Standard’s Permalife.  Memorabilia pasted and taped in by author.

Martha Ann Burgard
Original poem on handmade paper, tacked to a recycled cedar board.

Brandy Hyatt
All That I Am
Miniature box book.  Vintage cardboard jewelry box, embellished with cut and pasted words describing the artist and the viewer.  



Kathy Russell
Heraldry of the World
Altered book, folded page art.  

Carol Roark York
A Job For the Undertaker
Black cardstock concertina with cut out words from Juliet In Mantua.

Carol Roark York
Untitled Journal
Tan suede (recycled from thrift store jacket) with vintage mirrored button, vintage jet bead; signatures made from recycled paper.


Stacey Stepleton
A Beautiful Mistake
Altered book, folded page art, mixed media.  Front cover is embellished with shells and beads.  Text is composed of folded page art, interspersed with original poetry and art by the artist; hand beaded pages and a felt flower adorn the text.

Carol Roark York
Addie Bundren’s Greek Chorus
Altered book, folded page art.  Acrylic paint on cut boards; paper, paste and bread-tie-wire buzzards.

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