Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day 2013

This is my beautiful sweet momma when she was a girl.  She raised and showed Brahma cattle.  And then she raised my sister and me, which I'm sure at times was much like raising cattle.  I like her jeans and boots in this photo.

This is my Aunt Marilyn.  I recall her helping me with my math homework on one of her visits to Alabama.  I was far more taken by her glittery owl necklace than the math.  Marilyn also once bought me a very sophisticated two-piece, royal blue, terry cloth Gloria Vanderbilt pantsuit because she thought I could pull it off.  You read right, a two-piece, royal blue, terry cloth Gloria Vanderbilt pantsuit.   Yes, I appreciate the pantsuit, but I appreciate more the encouragement and the confidence she gave me to wear that pantsuit.

And this is my gran, Elizabeth Durham Smith, with the swordfish she caught in Acapulco many years ago.  She was strong in every conceivable way.  I miss you gran.

This is my Aunt Edna (with yours truly).  She was a very sharp dresser and had a gorgeous gap in her front teeth, like Lauren Hutton.  She always smelled good, and would let me play with her perfume bottles.  She was pure magic.  I miss her, too.  This picture says a great deal about the two of us.  Edna was always put together and dignified.  Me, not so much.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!

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