Monday, January 6, 2014

A few of Jane's things...

Eric's late paternal grandmother's name is Jane.  I have yet to see a picture of Jane, but I have an image of her in my mind based upon knowing her husband Buford (Eric's grandfather, George's daddy) and based upon some of the lovely possessions of hers and Buford's that have made their way into our home.

Pre-New Year's Eve 2013

In the photo above, you can see Jane & Buford's salt and pepper shakers as well as their silver butter dish on our New Year's Eve table.  The rest of our silver serving pieces are items that have been found (the silver meat platter was discovered left behind in Eric's old duplex), given to us (silver ice bucket is from the Catoes), or purchased on the cheap from thrift stores.  I have a bit of a thing for mismatched and tarnished silver.  It makes me think of Miss Havisham, poor dear.

Jane's quilt.

We also received a beautiful quilt of Jane's.  It is a Wedding Ring design.  And, as my mom recently pointed out, this is serendipitous.

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lauri said...

Oh yes, you were meant to receive that wedding ring quilt just now.