Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Photos, courtesy of JAY, circa 2004.
All of these were shot from the Denver apartment, a third-floor, low-rise in Capital Hill. Every window had a great view. The snow-on-the-mountains photo is for the transplanted Kansan photographer who asked (begged) for snow a few days ago (I hear the rain on the roof as I upload these photos, grrr), the sunset photo is for the officer of the law who is a connoisseur of sunsets and sunrises (I suppose the 6 to 6 shift supports your habit-imagine having this view every day), and the night time photo is for me and my family who should recognize this view as the one from my toilet (crazy, huh? Like I said, there were no bad views in this apartment, not even from the freakin’ bathroom).

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