Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So Saith Sonic, So Saith the Lord...

Disconcerting new obsession of mine…tater tots. I was just at the Sonic in RBC and ordered a breakfast burrito meal, which consisted of a burrito, a pod of tater tots and a Coke (I can’t believe that I’m even admitting to having eaten these items). Now, for me, any kind of fast food meal must be commenced with the eating of the fried item first. The reasoning behind this is due to the fact that fried items just don’t taste as good once they’ve cooled (not to mention the fact that they lose a lot of their crispiness if one doesn’t consume them fresh out of the fryer).

So, I was sitting there alone in my car, eating tater tots and thinking about how good they tasted. I mean, I’m really thinking about how good they tasted, even though I know that they would undoubtedly upset my stomach later in the day (my body no longer likes fried foods). They were so good in fact, I began reading the menu again, looking for other combos that featured tater tots with, or in them. I was aware that there was a southern trend of using tater tots in recipes, such as tater tot topped casseroles and tater tot omelets, but what about something like tater tot fried catfish? It seemed like a natural progression from chicken fried steak or chicken fried chicken, right? Wasn’t the whole idea behind chicken fried anything was that you were creating a fried-chicken-like crust around some food product in order to provide a crispy crunch surrounding a moist center? I mean, maybe I was completely wrong about this (and I expect someone to correct me if I am) but I thought that was how it was written in the Bible.

There were no foods on the Sonic menu with tater tots cooked into the main part of the meal, but a number of meals where tater tots played a plum role in the presentation. In fact, all of the meal deals came with such weapons of mass destruction as fries, tots or onion rings (just like Iran, Iraq and North Korea or, what I refer to as the Axis of Fast Food Evil). I was horribly thrilled at their abundance on the menu and at how especially fine the tater tots were tasting at that moment, but I realized that I’d almost finished off the whole tot pod without having taken the first bite of my burrito.

It was so small and cozy down in the bag, I almost hesitated to reach in for fear that I might wake it up from its nap. But, it was a burrito forgodsake! I opened it up, ate the end off of it so as to create a better receptacle for the salsa, doused it and took a bite. It was not as satisfying as the tater tots, but it did its job. With no more tots left, I turned the tot pod up and shook all of the tot grundies into my hand and ate them, because they were crunchy, and good too (so saith the Lord).

Quote of the day: "But, it looked like there were tots in the burrito..."

Reading: Naked by David Sedaris
Listening to: Andrew Bird (specifically, Tea & Thorazine)
Watching: Northern Exposure Season One (when I have time)


The Mad Grad said...

It does appear that there are tots in the burrito. How sad to discover that there were none.

Carol said...

That's what I'm saying...false advertising...

Eric Wright said...

according to
among the Sausage bits, Egg bits, Tomato bits, Jalapenos and of course the cheese-the Supersonic Breakfast Burrito should have had tots incorporated into the filling.

Could you have neglected to order the SUPERsonic Breakfast burrito and ordered it's mortal sibling the mere Breakfast Burrito

If not, then I think a complaint is in order.
Also, it should be written in the style of the "deodorant in the eye incident"

La_Petit_Rouge said...

I am mighty impressed with the research you conducted through
I had no idea that such a wealth of Sonic information existed out there. And yes, I could have made the what-now-seems-to-have-been-a-near-fatal mistake of ordering the Original Recipe Breakfast Burrito instead of SUPERsonic Breakfast Burrito (or what Colonel Sanders and I like to call the Extra-Crispy version?) Since my recollection of the events from said day are so confused by the tot dearth (I was, and still am a bit weak from my ordeal), I think a complaint written to the CEO of Sonic in the style of the "deodorant in the eye incident" would be risky, if not a downright falsehood on my part (if, in fact I was mistaken and did not order the uber version of their burrito), an act committed with the sole intention of possibly shaming that corporation into giving me a lifetime supply of tater tots...hey, wait, a lifetime supply...