Friday, December 21, 2007

Pop Art

Hils finally relented and painted one of my most disturbingly favorite images...the Piggly Wiggly. And what's even better, she gave this to me for Christmas. It now graces the very large and formerly blank wall in my office, the one I swore would be home to my subway poster of Miles Davis Kinda Blue. If I turn just the right way in my chair, I am able to look squarely at it (and I do). As a matter of fact, I caught myself gazing very fixedly upon it a number of times throughout the day yesterday. What is even more cool is that the pig is missing one eyebrow. Hils is going to fix it today (over my protestations-a one eyebrowed Piggly Wiggly is more of a conversation starter than a two-eyebrowed Piggly Wiggly). If she must, she'll have to do it in my office as I can't really let it out of my sight...

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