Monday, June 23, 2008

Humbled again by the tenacity of my family…

Sister’s blood tests show low estrogen and no markers for cancer, so we’re breathing easy for another year. Way to go sis! Now, to keep up with bone density…the Arimidex that she has to take leaches calcium out of her bones. So, like mom, she is more susceptible to osteoporosis. Mom is already showing early signs of osteoporosis (probably from the Tamoxifen that she began taking over fifteen years ago for her cancer), and is taking supplements to help build her bones. She’s all like, “Yeah, I probably should be taking more for it, but I just don’t want to find a primary doctor…” She’s been saying that for over fifteen years now. See what I have to live with! I have a theory that a little osteoporosis wouldn’t stop her from whipping our behinds if we needed to have them whipped. I’m certainly not going to test that theory, no matter how old either one of us gets.


Eric Wright said...

It doesn't really sound the the cancer had a fighting chance.

Oh and I had a bizarre "House M.D." thought when there was a funny line break in the RSS reader and I read over
that she has to take leaches

Alas no.

Carol said...

Well, the cancer had a really good crack at her about four years ago (stage 2B, agressive breast cancer, two tumors), but she's been doing well since the surgery and treatment (crossing myself as I type).

Wow, "that she has to take leaches" would be very turn of the century, wouldn't it? I would be apt to do a double take on that RSS feed.