Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kitchens Part II

Now, the house in which this kitchen is located is a very cool house owned by some very cool people who have a well-dressed toddler (I’ve seen pictures). Residing in this house with these cool people are some cats who are doing their very best to make their owners pay for moving into the cool house. I was warned by the owners that the cats had been acting out in retaliation to the move by clawing at the brand new and very Ikea-like-in-its-fabulousness-hey-I-own-the-same-rug area rug as well as taking a man-sized dump on it. I thought to myself damn, that’s one loud message to send. So as we’re standing there enjoying the food, drink and conversation, Mrs. Catoe goes to the lavatory to do business when we hear an exclamation…we all look back at her with concern (excepting Mr. Catoe, who has his back to the loo). She’s standing there with the door to the bathroom opened wide. There is a huge, bright yellow lake of urine in the floor and halfway onto the very cute little block print bath rug. Mr. Catoe, not even looking, begins a mantra of, “Please not my rug, please not my rug…” while his hair begins to stand on end. Please see the above photo story entitled “Mr. Catoe Cleans Up.” Sorta surgeon-like, eh?

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