Thursday, August 8, 2013

Passion Flower & Its Fruit

One of the most prized possessions of the horticulture school I worked at in Golden, CO was our passion vine.  It was valued above all of the plants in the greenhouses because it was not native to Colorado and when it bloomed, it was breathtaking.  It was valued by me above all other plants in the greenhouses because it reminded me of home.

Here in Alabama, the passion vine is native and prolific.  It reaches its tendrils out to climb high and sends forth intricately layered flowers that would make a sea anemone hide its head in shame.

Our passion vine came from the ditch at my mom and dad's house, transplanted into the backyard last year only to be accidentally and unceremoniously string trimmed by my sweet mate.  I think that the violent trimming last year only made it stronger.  It has grown wildly this year and has bloomed multiple times.  And now, there is a fruit hanging from where one of the flowers wilted.  One fruit.  If we have just this one fruit, I will be happy.  And Eric and I can enjoy the thimbleful of juice together...

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Eric Wright said...

I would have been more careful if I would've know how cool it was. I guess this summer has been the perfect weather for the vine.