Saturday, March 15, 2014

Breaker, Breaker

On Tuesday, our electrician upgraded the service to The Bungalow.  He also upgraded The Bungalow from fuses to breaker boxes and fixed some wiring that had been worrying him since he had laid eyes it two weeks before during the consult.  We like our electrician.  He is a fellow Panther from Southside High and I graduated with his sister.  GO PANTHERS!  This was just Phase I in The Electric Bungalow Project.  Phase II will begin in a couple of weeks and will be referred to from this point forward as Phase II:  Electric Bungalew.  Sorry.  I would take it back, but it is already out there.

In less than five hours, went from this, this and this:

To this, this, and this:

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