Friday, March 14, 2014

The Better To Walk On

A little over a month ago, we decided to bite the bullet and use the Quikrete Walkmaker to build a sidewalk between the gate/back steps and the old garage.  The ground is uneven.  And mostly in shade.  Little lives there except for moss...and mud.  Perfect spot for a raised path.

These are the pavers that we had temporarily put down four years ago.

I took up the old pavers and leveled the ground as best I could.

After several weeks and much snow, Eric and I were finally able to get the bulk of the sidewalk made.  We used many 80lb. bags of Quikrete, a wheel barrow, a shovel and two hand trowels.  Back breaking.

And after about a week, we located enough Sakrete jointing sand to fill the joints.

I transplanted several hydrangeas into the area beside the fence, and filled in the bed with erosion-controlling pine straw that I collected from the roadside at mom and dad's place.  I like free landscaping materials. 

Eric and I are pretty pleased with the results.  So is Booker.  Now, to clean and finish out the front of the garage.  Then, to paint.