Saturday, March 29, 2014

The ring, the box, and a found medicine bottle with dropper.

In a January post about Eric’s grandmother Jane, I mentioned her wedding ring quilt that we brought home with us from Topeka.  I also mentioned that my mother had pointed out to me how serendipitous it was that we were given that particular quilt by Eric's parents, what with it being a wedding ring design.  What I was hinting at in that post was that there was recent news of an engagement.  Ours.   On New Year’s Day, Kansas Slim presented me a six-sided wooden box (six-sided to represent our six years of partnership, crafted clandestinely in our terribly cold workshop just weeks before), therein nestled an eternity band.  He asked of me a question, to which I replied, “Yes I said yes I will yes!”  There may have been some tears.  And I'm pretty sure that I squealed.  Because that's what's supposed to happen when you get engaged.

We are to be married this autumn.

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