Friday, October 26, 2007


I will be at the Falls tonight to represent the library and to (more importantly) give away candy. Lots of candy. I will be dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow (Scourge of the Black Creek), but will look like a cross between the velvety 80’s fashion of Vivienne Westwood and the French Revolutionary style of John Galliano. Any way you look at it, I will be foppish. Yes Sister, I should have borrowed Nephew’s Captain Feathersword hat with the broken feather sticking out of the top. That would’ve been a bit of a “three sheets to the wind” touch, don’t you think? Actually, I’m going for more of an Adam Ant look to be truthful (be still my heart). As a matter of fact, I’ve taken Radiohead out of the CD player and replaced it with Adam Ant. Please, don’t anyone think less of me (I know that there are some closet Kings of the Wild Frontier listeners out there), and I will be back to my Radiohead self by tomorrow.

Off to maraud!

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