Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Bi-Polar Express

I’m trying to write some kid-friendly publicity for a holiday event and I’m having a hard time rhyming with the words North Pole. The only thing that's coming to me is parole, pistol, skoal, hellhole and a little poem that I wrote to one of my brother-in-laws many Christmases ago (he had accidentally set him leg on fire one night):

Don’t go drinkin’ and playin’ with fire
Or your leg will go up like a funeral pyre.
So, here’s a nice tip from the North Pole,
Always remember to stop, drop and roll.

Am I wrong? Maybe I shouldn't be writing for children.


Robin O'Loxley said...

The Night of the Sex-on-the-Beach Sacrifice, as it shall heretofore be known, is a tale that one hears over and over if one hangs out with members of the SIKish Empire. The Bishop was a man of great courage, lofty ideals and a fondness for alcohol. He truly believed after several libations that he could walk through a bonfire and emerge unscath-ed. His drunken comrades also believed he could perform this feat. Alas, when the Bishop ran out of the fire with one leg alight, said comrades rushed forth to help him, and proceeded to pour their alcoholic beverages on him. Let it be written and forevermore be known: Alcohol + fire = 2nd degree burns.

La_Petit_Rouge said...

You can say that again!